Learning Together in Hamilton County

Hamilton County Schools connects PK-12 educators and students in schools and out-of-school programs throughout Hamilton County with local community partners to ensure that all young people have access to the resources they need to reach their full potential.

Growing Our Community’s Human Library
Hamilton County Schools, CommunityShare, and our local partners believe our communities are only as strong as the relationships we build. Through our online network and offline resources we connect the wisdom, skills and resources of community members, industry professionals, organizations and parents in Hamilton County with educators who want to engage their students in real-world learning experiences.
Making a meaningful difference in Hamilton County
PK-12 Educators
Do you want to connect PK-12 students in your Hamilton County classroom or youth-serving program with community members? Want to create an in-person or virtual real-world learning experience? There’s no cost to connect with local professionals and community resources.
Community Partners
Do you want to share your professional skills, hobbies, life experiences, and community resources virtually or in-person with our next generation? Unsure where it’s needed or how to do it? We are here to help you connect with educators and students.
Got questions?

Hamilton County Schools is a member of CommunityShare’s National Learning Ecosystem Network, a community for leaders in schools, districts and education organizations across the country to learn together and share resources as they implement CommunityShare.

  • Students who have struggled all year to complete lesson projects were engaged, creative and thinking about how to solve problems in their community through this CommunityShare project.

  • I never knew how cool glass blowing could be…I also loved learning how to write a business plan for my own studio one day. I know what I want to do when I get older.

  • Our goal is to close the representation gap for females and Hispanic youth in STEM fields. CommunityShare mentors help students begin to see themselves in those professions.

  • It was truly moving to see my daughter's eyes light up as engineering careers unfolded in front of her on our CommunityShare field trip to the design studio.

  • CommunityShare is an essential tool for curriculum planning. CommunityShare gives my students and me access to professional resources that make what they learn in school more meaningful, relevant, and memorable.

  • ComShare is the bridge we have been missing between educators and the vast resources of experience and practical knowledge available in the community. It gives people like me an opportunity to invest my years of experience into the next generation of innovators, creators and leaders.

    Industry Partner