Career Speaker Series

In an effort to bring more professionals from the community into our Career Exploration classes we teamed up to plan a hands on “Day of Careers” for our middle school students. However, our schools remained online or hybrid for the majority of the school year and visitors were not allowed into our classrooms. While the project was not as “hand-on” as we would have liked, we were able to have our students engage with multiple career professionals from a variety of fields including engineering, cybersecurity, healthcare, photography, and business.

Throughout our two month speaker series career professionals met with students, shared their experience in their field and provided information on the pathways available in their chosen industry or career. Students were able to learn about a variety of careers and develop professional skills including interviewing and thank you note writing. The impact on the community is providing young people with access to career professionals and information about possible future pathways they might take.

Project length

3 months



  • This was a great experience for me since I hope that for my future I will likely study things that have to do with biology and your talk gave me and imagery of how it would be.

  • Knowing this information and seeing what you do in your job makes me think that [mining engineer] could honestly be a good choice for someone like me.

  • You have inspired me to think about my future even if I don’t want to pursue a career as an Anesthesia Technician.

  • Hearing your story and path through your career has encouraged me to continue thinking up new ideas for my future career (hopefully an entrepreneur).


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