Capacity-Building Services

CommunityShare offers educational and community organizations personalized coaching and professional learning opportunities based on our decades of experience.

Creating impact through community

We know how much time and resources it can take to engage community partners and coordinate real-world learning opportunities. When you become a CommunityShare network member, you get a partner committed to deeply listening to your unique goals and challenges and co-creating a strategy that enables you to focus your time on building relationships and leverages our platform and other resources to make coordination and impact reporting easier on you.

Services to grow community engagement

We’re your thought partner and implementation strategist with services and tools that help you save time and resources while helping you grow your skills and help educators in your community grow their practice.

Personalized Coaching

As a CommunityShare network member, we will work side-by-side with you to determine how CommunityShare can best support your existing goals and organizational initiatives as well as explore your future aspirations. We work with you to onboard key staff and partners and ensure you and your team feel comfortable using the platform. We will co-create an implementation strategy with goals, actions and aspirational outcomes. Based on your unique priorities, coaching can cover everything from recruiting community partners to developing a community-engaged practice among educators to documenting and evaluating impact.


Stewards National Community of Practice

Like a garden, a learning ecosystem requires tending to – nutrients, care and energy. Within each network member organization, we call these folks “stewards.” Stewards invite community partners and educators to engage, provide guidance when projects and people need a little extra support, and look for opportunities, trends and gaps based on data from the platform. There is no “school” to learn how to be a steward. And frankly we have learned ourselves through the school of life over decades. As a network member you have the opportunity to connect with stewards across the country through our virtual Stewards Community of Practice to share lessons learned, challenges, tools and build relationships with innovative, like-minded leaders.

CommunityShare Educator Fellowship

CommunityShare was created by educators for educators, as we have engaged educators as co-designers of CommunityShare’s vision and ongoing work. Over the years, we heard from educators the desire for a learning space to dive deep into community-engaged, real-world learning. Eight years ago we facilitated a local community of practice and that has evolved into our Educator Fellowship. As a network member, educators in your community would be invited to join the Fellowship.

We explore all aspects of developing a practice and culture of community-engaged learning – from designing student listening campaigns that activate student agency to mapping social capital networks to co-designing projects with community partners. It is an exciting opportunity for educators to learn and grow and develop the skills and confidence to lead a local fellowship.

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