Impact Stories

The projects that students, educators and community partners co-create are as diverse as the communities they call home.

The only limit is our imaginations

From hands-on activities to long-term projects, students, educators and community partners are co-creating real-world learning experiences that explore big questions like: Can you build a sustainable city on the moon? and Does music make us human?

Through these projects students connect their lived experiences, passions and aspirations with purpose. Community partners feel the joy of learning with and from students and educators. Educators feel inspired and supported by discovering new ways to transform their communities into classrooms.

Here are a few of their stories…

Music is a Part of Being Human

This was my first project with Community Share and I had a really difficult time figuring out the main topic for the project. When meeting with Dr. Sara Chavarria I was led to the question: "What [...]

Flood Systems and Wormologists

The inspiration for this project was wanting to give students a hands-on way to learn about water with the Flood Systems Project and lifecycles with the Wormologists project. These students [...]

Living on the Moon

The Lauffer Middle School Future City STEM Program began 12 years ago and focuses on closing the education and economic gaps for Hispanic and low-income students by inspiring middle school [...]

Children’s Community Mosaic

I wanted to create a project that could safely bring many years of student together during the time of Covid. I decided a to create a large mosaic that would incorporate ceramic tiles from the [...]

Storytelling Through Photography

Students at Flowing Wells Junior High were invited to participate in an after school photography club with our CS partner, Julius Schlosburg. Every week, Julius would share insight on how to take [...]

Planet Project – The Cosmicon

6th Grade Science Students worked in partners/small groups to design a planet that would work within a system, as well as evaluate whether that planet would be able to support any sort of life. [...]

Engineering in Agricultural Science

This project was inspired by the fact robotics are becoming a regular part of the agriculture community. A group of students whom showed interest in robotics became what I called an "engineer" [...]

Life Threads in Pastels

Students interviewed a person of interest (community or family member) and used the information and pictures shared in the interview to create an artwork that tells the story of that person. [...]

Letter Writing in First Grade

Our class connected with a fabulous mentor who’s passion is collecting and writing letters. We met monthly and wrote notes, cards, and letters to important people in our lives. Each month we [...]

Photo Essays

I wanted my students to be able to show their creativity with their writing. Students created a photo essay on a topic that they were interested in and or something that they really enjoyed [...]

Light Fixture Stand

Mrs. McGIll's Agriculture class needed a stand to hold the indoor grow lights that are used over their hydroponics tanks. Fabian Lopez from Pilkington Construction designed the structure and [...]

Engineer and Flight

Pilkington Construction provided balsa wood and other supplies for Engineering and Construction students at Crane Middle School to make balsa wood gliders.

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