Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone sees themselves as a learner and educator working together to develop their community’s potential.

Seeding our human library

Several years ago, we looked around our home community in Tucson, Arizona, and began wondering what it would look like if every community member saw themselves as an educator or mentor. Each of us has unique stories, skills, passions and experiences. When we share these gifts with each other, we develop a sense of belonging and identity as a community and define a vision for our shared future.

We asked ourselves… What would happen if we could create pathways for people to share their passions and experiences with each other every day? What kind of learning and relationships might emerge by bringing people together across geographic, socioeconomic and institutional boundaries? If learning transcended school boundaries, what would this make possible for students, educators and communities?

These questions were the seeds that grew CommunityShare.

Igniting civic engagement and a passion for learning

CommunityShare ignites civic engagement and a passion for learning by activating the wisdom and lived experiences of educators, students, and community members. We collaborate with communities to co-create real-world learning experiences that build relationships, shared understanding, and collective agency.

Growing thriving youth and communities


We operate from a mindset of generous reciprocity and focus on adding value to a collective good in belief that a rising tide raises all boats. 


We view the cultivation of personal lasting relationships to each other and place as core to what we do and essential for the long-term success of our work.


We are disruptive innovators who constantly explore and experiment our way to a greater understanding in service of the collective good.


We foster a spirit of creativity, vulnerability and boundless potential that  manifests new ideas, concepts and approaches.


We aim to be empathic and humble, deeply listening to the communities we support by creating the space to share our lived experience and stories with each other.


We believe local communities realize their potential through interdependent relationships that honor and celebrate our unique gifts and weave together a shared sense of belonging. 


We believe systemic change requires solutions that are adaptable to changing conditions and engage diverse actors as local change agents.   


We believe in democratizing and decentralizing resources and information so marginalized groups can express their authentic voice, share and celebrate their funds of knowledge, and engage in shared decision-making processes.

Developmental Growth

We believe in learning by doing and conscious reflection, both within ourselves and as a community.

Interested in partnering with us?

We partner with school districts, regional school networks, community organizations, municipalities, coalitions and others in growing their own regional learning ecosystem. We work with you to co-create an actionable strategy for revealing and equitably sharing your community’s unique wisdom, skills and resources with educators and students based on your aspirations and priorities.

We’re always looking for new partners and individuals interested in working with us.