Tips for Responding to a Message Request

We know thinking takes time and energy, both valuable resources, so we created this page to give you some quick ideas for responding to messages. All we ask is that if you can’t accommodate a request please reply as soon as possible so the sender can reach out to someone else.

Here are some potential email responses to get you started:

  • Hi [Name] – Thanks for contacting me! I’d like to help! Please tell me more about….
  • Hi [Name] – Thanks for contacting me! Unfortunately, I don’t believe my skills are a good fit for this situation. If you decide to do X instead, please let me know!
  • Hi [Name] – Thanks for contacting me! Unfortunately, I’m so busy right now that I don’t have much time for volunteering until MM/DD. If that’s okay, please tell me more about….

Of course, feel free to write whatever you want, but please do follow up with the sender as soon as possible. Thanks!