What happens during the CEL Deep Dive?

The CEL Deep Dive is a two-week intensive at the start of the Fellowship that builds our community, shared vision, and momentum. To  support and inspire each other in designing community-engaged learning experiences, we will:
  • Utilize storytelling, reflection, and futuring strategies to reveal our aspirations and set personal learning goals.
  • Design and implement listening campaigns to root our instructional design in student curiosities.
  • Learn strategies to expand and diversify potential community partnerships and build student social capital.
  • Develop tools and practices for effectively communicating and co-creating with community partners.
  • Apply a framework of authentic contribution to our performance tasks, enhancing the depth and quality of student learning.
  • Learn strategies and access resources to secure grants for CEL experiences

In Spring 2024, our Deep Dive will take place online over the following dates:

  • January 27: Saturday – full day
  • January 31: Wednesday – evening
  • February 3: Saturday – half day
  • February 7: Wednesday – evening
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