What should I ask a teacher as we plan an activity?


Glad you asked! Here are some suggested questions to start your conversation. Remember, you are co-planning this interaction together. You can and should voice your own ideas and expectations to make sure that the teacher understands how to make your visit most worthwhile.

Classroom Experience

  • What age group do you teach?
  • Do you have any helpful hints for working with this age group?
  • How many students do you have in your class?


  • What are your goals? My goals for our experience working together are…
  • What do you want students to learn and experience?


  • Do you have some initial ideas about how you might like me to share my expertise or experiences?
  • Were you thinking of a talk or an interactive exercise?
  • Can we brainstorm what this interaction between the students and me might look like?
  • How can I share my experience and knowledge in ways that are most accessible to the students?

Student Preparation

  • To what extent will your students be familiar with the topic I will be presenting about?
  • Have they done any activities that I can reference or build upon?
  • Will they have questions prepared for me beforehand?
  • What are you hoping the students get out of the experience?


  • When would be the best time to schedule a visit to your class? Offering your typical schedule can be helpful, such as “My schedule is open on most Thursdays.”
  • How long are your class periods?


  • Does your school have a check-in process for visitors or other requirements that I should be aware of when I come to your classroom?
  • Where should I park? Where should I meet you when I arrive?
  • How is your classroom set up? Do you have access to technology (projector, sound, etc.)? Can you send a photo of your room setup?
  • Is there anything else I should know about your class?
  • Will the students be wearing name tags?

Teacher Role

  • How do you see your role during my visit?
  • Will you introduce me?
  • What if I have a concern about student behavior? How would you like me to handle this?
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