Interactive School Garden with Community Spaces

Students in Anna Lawrie’s program were very excited to grow their own plants for food. She wanted them to figure out how they could work together to produce food for themselves, their families and their community. With the help of Clare and Claudio of the Community Food Bank, they researched plants (fruits and veggies) that would grow well in the Southwest region during winter, prepped and re-designed the garden area, and planted the space using both seed and seedling starts.

Students cared for their garden and were indeed able to harvest their own food. In the coming year, they plan to add to this new community resource by planting an orchard.

Project length

6 months



  • I found that even though the partnership focused on one class specifically, the whole school was able to benefit from it. I look forward to finishing this project next year.

    Anna Lawrie, Ag/FFA teacher
  • Working with Clare and Claudio from the Food Bank has given me some wonderful insight on how to build a wonderful garden for the students at DVHS. We are going to continue our partnership next year to complete the orchard part of the garden.

    Anna Lawrie, Ag/FFA teacher
  • My favorite part of the project so far was having students argue about who was going to get to take the broccoli home.

    Anna Lawrie, Ag/FFA teacher
  • Now I want to take the broccoli home.

  • I didn't know that carrots came from the ground!


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