Hands on STEM Learning at STARBASE

Amber Wolf wanted her students to explore STEM related contexts through real-world, hands-on experience. Her 5th grade students took part in the Department of Defense program – STARBASE at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Certified teachers facilitated hands-on STEM activities over the course of five visits.

Students stayed highly engaged throughout the STARBASE experience as indicated by nearly perfect attendance on field trip days. Even the abilities of the most reluctant learners shone through as they participated and engaged at a very high level.

Project length

2 months



  • I learned that there are many jobs that are in the military, like being a dentist.

    5th Grade Student
  • I learned how to use a GPS to find my location and find other locations.

    5th Grade Student
  • I learned I can be anything I want.

    5th Grade Student
  • I learned new things about space and satellites. I even got to design my own satellite, and they printed it onto a magnet.

    5th Grade Student
  • The visitors help me learn a lot about how things work in space.

    5th Grade Student
  • I liked the hands on things because it was a more fun experience then just looking at things. It was a whole different experience.

    5th Grade Student
  • Students loved leaving campus for the five trips to the STARBASE campus. They also enjoyed celebrating and have the STARBASE teachers visit us for our completion ceremony.

    Amber Wolf, 5th Grade Teacher

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