Flood Systems and Wormologists

The inspiration for this project was wanting to give students a hands-on way to learn about water with the Flood Systems Project and lifecycles with the Wormologists project. These students remained remote for the entire year, so giving them materials they could use at home was critical to the projects’ success. We also knew we wanted students to have the chance to construct their own learning, so it was critical to give students autonomy over some aspects of both projects. Students really embraced these challenges. They were so excited when things failed and driven to adjust their designs to change results.

Project length

6 months



  • There was one student in particular, who has significant speech and anxiety, and during these projects are the only times during the whole year that he volunteered to share. The other students were so excited and patient while the student shared his experience. It was incredibly powerful for all of us.

    Kristin Meza
  • I noticed that the path I made was shallow then the water made it deep so that was cool. My favorite part was seeing if my materials that I chose to hold up the house worked!


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