Children’s Community Mosaic

I wanted to create a project that could safely bring many years of student together during the time of Covid. I decided a to create a large mosaic that would incorporate ceramic tiles from the past three years of preschool students, yet be designed by our current preschool class. Bringing four years of children together in one piece of art. During our project we found out that the our current school was going to be closed after being in Tucson for 54 years. This project then became a meaningful way to integrate children’s emotions and help them process our school closure with the hopefulness of moving our school. Our school’s community did come together to save our school and move it into a new facility. This project evolved into a more long term project about what the word “community” meant and why it is important. All past children were also invited to come and be a part of the process by gluing on their individual tiles. Children learned that they have the power to be part of something large. Many past students and partners came together to help create this mosaic and it became an impactful art piece for the all the children and partners involved.

I was honored to partner with Candi Carrell and Gail T Roberts to create our Community Mosaic. Candi is a retired art teacher from Borton Magnet Elementary School. She brought many years of experience with working with young children and with clay into our project. Candi worked wonderfully with all the children creating their tiles, glazing, adhering, grouting, and cleaning. Candi and I were lucky enough to then partner with local artist Gail T Roberts. Gail brought in knowledge of how to professionally install tile mosaics in public spaces. She gave us the frames splitting our once large 5′ X 6′ mosaic, into 4 more manageable 3′ X 3′ panels. Gail’s had expert advice on exactly what construction products to use to insure the longevity of our mosaic. Gail has a great positive energy and became a valuable partner and friend. She was in constant contact with us and supported the mural until the ending. Our Community Mosaic was later brought over to the Tucson Botanical Gardens, were it will in be displayed in The Children’s Garden. Art made by children, for children.

Project length

5 months


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    Anna Kolb
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