Living on the Moon

The Lauffer Middle School Future City STEM Program began 12 years ago and focuses on closing the education and economic gaps for Hispanic and low-income students by inspiring middle school students to pursue STEM careers while engaging in real world problem solving. Lauffer Future City provides a unique, year-long opportunity for middle school students to engage in solving relevant, real-world sustainability, engineering, and urban challenges. More than 60 students and their families were engaged in this years challenge, using two of the moon’s resources to create a sustainable lunar city. Community partnerships and collaborations are an essential part of the Future City program and help students develop their authentic voices for change and community members better understand the world of public education. The duality of learning in these partnerships is a beautiful thing!

Project length

5 months


  • I am so grateful to have been in the Future City class and had you as my teacher and mentor these past 3 years. It was impressive we made it as far as we did during this pandemic (4th place team award in Arizona Future City)!

    Michelle, Grade 8
  • I was jumping up and down with my family!!!!! (upon winning the project management award in Arizona Future City).

    Jeanette, Grade 8
  • I didn't even know about STEM until I enrolled in your Future City STEM class in 6th grade.

    Lexana, High School Mentor
  • There were times where we would have some arguments for no reason, but there were also the times where we had fun and cracked jokes together. Something that I learned about being in a team is that no matter how good friends you are or how much you get along, it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows.

    Ximenna, Grade 7
  • The most valuable experience I gained from the Future City competition was that I am learning to be more open minded and get better speaking in front of a crowd and in a video.

    Jessica, Grade 8
  • The most valuable experience I gained from the Future City competition was working alongside so many critical and creative thinkers. With this competition, although we are competing against each other, everyone in my class bounces ideas off of each other like engineers to find and represent the best possible solution to many problems. I have learned so much from this class and have gained personal experience learning, improving, and innovating.

    Jeanette, Grade 8
  • At first we (team) were all really shy but now we read each other's minds. We know that it helps to work on a team and to work with a mentor (Mrs. Howard) because we don't have to carry the weight of doing everything.

    Roman, Grade 6

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