Connecting Native and Medicinal Plants with Culture

To help students connect self to family and culture, Adriana and community partners implemented a project in which students could ask questions, connect online research with interviews of family members, and design a native/medicinal plant garden at the school.

University of Arizona students led activities related to uses of medicinal herbs and, alongside Ochoa students, helped plan a medicinal herb bed at the school. Omar, native plant landscaper and rainwater harvester, also met with students about native plant landscapes. Omar gave feedback on which plants would do better in which areas, and talked with students about sunlight, irrigation, and soil.

After carefully designing their garden, students implemented their plan and encouraged additional classes to take ownership of the garden.

Project length

2 months



  • " I love plants and I love to see them grow!"

    5th Grade Student
  • "I am inspired to compile a book of medicinal herb uses and recipes that families here at Ochoa [could] use."

    Adriana Teacher

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