Glass Creations Connected to Science and Business

Students and teachers at Arizona College Prep Academy collaborated with artisans at Sonoran Glass School as a way to simultaneously built understanding of chemistry and entrepreneurship.

All students in the Social Entrepreneurship class took a tour of Sonoran Glass School and engaged in a demonstration about the science of glass blowing. Then, ten students visited the glass school twice a week for two hours over the course of one quarter, working with Paul Anders-Stout and Linda. Through this hands-on, creative experience students gained proficiency in furnace glassblowing, discussed the principles and elements of design, and explored scientific concepts through glass.

Students also learned how to write effective business plans and showcased their work within the wider school community of students, parents, and teachers.

Project length

3 months



  • "I never knew how cool glass blowing could be. It was amazing to be able to be open to what the glass was doing. I also loved learning how to write a business plan for my own studio one day. I know what I want to do when I get older."

  • "I was so amazed to see how proud students were to show their parents and families what they’d created."

    Charlene Mendoza Teacher

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