STEAM with Circuits

6th graders at Gridley Middle School worked with partner, Peggy to create their own individualized piece of engineered electronic art. In preparation, students learned the science of electric circuits, the technology of coding, the mathematics of weights and balances, and art of making a variety of small pieces.

One key insight for students was that the use of coding extends far beyond gaming.

Students found ways to use the technology as a way to map bully hot spots on campus, to light origami pieces, and to code sequences and patterns using circuitry.

Project length

1 month



  • "Creating tiered STEM lessons fosters the skills and confidence students will need in STEM careers in our community and in the changing world."

    6th Grade Teacher
  • "I want to do this more; how do I get to do this more when I get out of school?"

    6th Grade Student

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