Photo Booth Design Challenge

As a way to teach literacy standards centered around technical topics, teachers at Hermosa Montessori worked with a parent who has expertise using the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to give students a hands-on, authentic experience.

As part of a design challenge, the community partner worked with three middle school teams to build photo booth applications with Raspberry Pi materials. Teams tested their product, focusing on marketing (product, packaging, pricing, placement, promotion) and competed to “sell” their product to a panel of fellow students and middle school teachers. The winning product will be used as the Photo Booth exhibit at the student-run fall carnival.

Project length

2 months



  • "I felt very honored that I was a part of the experience. I learned a lot about Mexico, art, and how to contribute to our community."

  • "Students learn respect, awareness, history, and an expanded sense of textile art through a native perspective …."

  • "I can use different things from nature to create art."

  • "Nature has art everywhere."


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