Textile Art & Music: A Celebration Of Culture, Community and Desert Plants

Lack of art teachers and art programs in her school motivated Alejandra Ayon to find another way to offer an in-depth art project for her students. Working with guest artist, Kate Hodges and Navajo artist, Marvin Todacheenie, students learned weaving techniques from Navajo traditions as well as contemporary art techniques.

They then collaboratively created two textiles – one piece for the classroom, honoring native plant species, and another piece to donate to hang at Primavera Foundation, a facility for helping people in need in Tucson. In addition, Marvin Todacheenie shared songs with his hand-made flute to celebrate the beauty of textile.

Through this public art experience, students learned about local plant identification, developed a sense of place for the desert with all of its diversity, and gained empathy for others in their community.

Project length

2 months



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