The New American Dream

As a way to help students creatively engage in a writing process, Jen Nowicki Clark of Creative Narrations taught Joanna’s students the art of creating a storyboard for a digital story. She then helped students record their personal stories about the “American Dream” or about cultural responsibilities and expectations based on gender.

Through the process of writing, creating and editing their digital stories, some students had to step outside of their comfort zone. Ultimately it helped them to access parts of themselves that they didn’t usually have the opportunity to share in a school setting. As a way to extend the project, Joanna used projects created in one class to teach the same process to her other classes.

Project length

1 month



  • This was a cool project. Thanks for the experience.

    11th Grade Students
  • The teacher was very nice and fun to learn from.

    11th Grade Student
  • Thanks for sharing this technique and website with us, I hope I can use it in the future to help myself.

    11th Grade Student
  • The project I took part in, was extremely fun to participate in; I would recommend this project to others.

    11th Grade Student
  • This has been an exceptional experience for me and for my students. I will use what I have learned to inform my curriculum for many years to come. Student engagement was 100%. Thank you for this opportunity for me to grow as an educator and for my students to share their unique perspectives in creative ways.

    Joanna, Teacher
  • I have one student who never participates in class.She is usually sullen and withdrawn. She loved this project and was the first one to complete it. She was also excited to share what she had done with others.

    Joanna, Teacher
  • CommunityShare was helpful every step of the way. All necessary information was communicated well. I was supported throughout the process until the completion of my project.

    Joanna, Teacher
  • Everything I’ve learned was fantastic, and I would like to do this again!

    11th Grade Student
  • I really enjoyed working on the WeVideo. I liked it a lot; very interesting and also fun doing it because we have put our own thought into it. Thank you for coming!!

    11th Grade Student

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