From the Streets to the Studio

Just about every morning and afternoon when Krista walked up to the front of the school, a group of students in a circle were spitting out rhymes in a cypher. They had more passion in those moments than she typically saw in class. She wanted that passion to come alive and have a public audience. Her goal was to create a recording studio on campus, so students could create, produce and post their music.

Krista connected with a local producer and rap artist Javier “Ripdee” Castillo. He worked with a group of interested students every Wednesday afternoon for approximately four months, writing, performing, producing, learning and growing together as a group.

Project length

4 months



  • I have a senior who was completely disengaged in his education and has had many discipline infractions starting his Freshman year. He took the lead on this project with the community partner. He showed up early every Wed. Was in charge of getting the equipment and setting up. He ran the rap club. It has been outstanding to see him step up. He has not had a single discipline infraction since it started!

    Krista Gypton, HS Teacher
  • Thank you, and it was very fun. Hope others have the same experience as I did. It was fun and educational.

    9th Grade Student
  • I had lots of fun meeting and learning from a new person.

    12th Grade Student
  • This club helped me in ways that I can't describe. I was able to speak better English because of it.

    12th Grade Student

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