From History to a Dream: Water in the Santa Cruz

Rebeka Denson’s 8th grade class, and Joaquin Murrieta, a community partner, worked together to determine that the school should build capacity for younger students and expand green infrastructure models created in the previous year. This year they wanted to build a rain garden on the campus.

The 8th grade students became “docents” for the entire 6th grade during a visit to the Living Lab. The 8th graders helped their younger peers build background knowledge and created a real world math investigation for them. 6th graders created posters to illustrate their learning and shared them in a gallery walk for 8th graders to give feedback.

Finally, the 8th graders designed and built the rain garden. In addition, they created a mural of the Santa Cruz River to educate the community for years to come.

Project length

7 months



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