National History Day

137 high school students took the year-long academic program known as “National History Day” to the next level through a partnership with the University of Arizona. Students learned to do what historians do when they engage in research. They engaged in, questioned, interpreted historical data as they worked on their International Baccalaureate® (IB) research.

Working with the U of A helped these young scholars to go outside the walls of their classroom and beyond the covers of their textbook and discover their community. They were able to push past the view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and understanding. This tremendous project empowered students within their research projects and will continue to do so in their future research as undergraduate students.

Project length

4 months



  • This has been a fantastic experience and will surely generate future collaborative efforts!

    Brenda Boehler, HS Teacher
  • During our first visit to UA Library, students were awkward, shy and heavily reliant on teachers and librarian to find sources. By our last trip, students were indistinguishable from UA students and were working independently and confidently.

    Brenda Boehler, HS Teacher
  • This project has launched a continuing relationship with UA Library, in fact we have plans to write a grant together to continue this project and provide this same opportunity to other schools and classes.

    Brenda Boehler, HS Teacher
  • The visitor was very helpful and I learned things I will use when I go to college.

  • Thank you for the experience.

  • I just really enjoyed the help that was provided.


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