History through the Lens of Clay Tiles

Designing and producing clay tiles for a collaborative project with the Anza Society and the county, outside the school grounds. Geography and Human Systems were the Common Core Objectives identified by the project.

The Community Share Grant was directly related to developing and creating clay tiles for the Anza Project. Working with a local clay artist, the student were able to incorporate the concepts and ideas of people who lived long ago, the native vegetation and their travels along a water path, into the clay tile designs. The clay itself, was also a native type clay as the tiles reflect the color of the local dirt. Students were able depict their understanding of the common core objectives through their artwork.

Project length

2 months



  • "The awareness of this project and how it relates to local history will be incorporated into my social studies and history lessons in the future."

    Kerry Hodgkinson Teacher
  • "Working together with so many different groups from outside our school was very powerful. The product itself which the students produced was amazing!"

    Kerry Hodgkinson Teacher

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