Virtual Reality in the Math Classroom

Sixth grade teacher, Jenn Schilling, wanted her students to explore the question, “How can I use technology to solve a problem in my community?” Students brainstormed topics they were passionate about, then they picked one topic to research and develop as a passion project.

They learned about extreme Googling as well as how to use virtual reality from partners at the University of Arizona. They were amazed by virtual reality, going on virtual trips to space, France, and basketball games. Students were empowered to complete projects on topics they had a personal connection to, sharing them with other community members through coaching sessions with partners.

Students practiced critical thinking as they evaluated research sources and furthered their knowledge of their topic. They applied their learning by creating a final, shareable product of their project (presentations, videos, posters, etc.).

Project length

1 month



  • Students expanded their knowledge of emerging technology, which will assist them as they continue their education and explore careers.

    Jenn Schilling, 6th Grade Teacher
  • I loved seeing students getting to meet community members with expertise in an area they are passionate about.

    Jenn Schilling, 6th Grade Teacher
  • It was exciting to see students experiencing virtual reality for the first time.

    Jenn Schilling, 6th Grade Teacher
  • It was fun using virtual reality.

    6th Grade Student
  • I love when we can learn more.

    6th Grade Student

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